Discography for Skip Healy


2014 "Live in Wohlen" - Empty Pockets Production Featured Musicans: Skip Healy; Irish flute & American fife, Olivier Leclercq; Guitar & Vocals
2008 "Farewell New Englands Shores" re-released.
2007 "Purgatory Chasm" re-released.
2006 "The Cartel" - Empty Pockets Productions. Featured musicians; Skip Healy, Marc Bernier, Mark Poloka, Jim Plaut.  Irish flute, D piccolo, octave mandolin, cittern, prim, bass, clarinet, alto recorder, percussion and vocals
2003 "Have Ye This One?" - Instructional CD & Book for the Irish flute - Empty Pockets Productions. Skip Healy, solo Irish flute
2001 "Purgatory Chasm" - Empty Pockets Productions. Featured musicians; Skip Healy, Aine Minogue, Flynn Cohen, Paul Joseph. Irish flute, American fife, harp, guitar.
1991 "Farewell New England Shores" - Empty Pockets Productions. Featured musicians: Skip Healy, Danny Noveck. Irish flute, Abell whistle, guitar.
1987 "Live From New York" - Empty Pockets Productions. Skip Healy; Irish flute, American fife, Abell whistle.
1985 "Empty Pockets" - Empty Pockets Productions. Received Grammy Nomination for Best Debut Album - Folk. Featured musicians; Skip Healy, Johhny Cunningham, Jerry O'Sullivan, Trevor Ferrier, Dick Murai, Dave Paton, Ellen Cohn, Mark Demchak, John Ciaglia, Truck Croteau. Irish flute, American fife, Eb piccolo, fiddle, Uilleann pipes, guitar, keyboards, concertina, bouzouki, percussion.
1984 "Marathon Dreams" - Empty Pockets Productions.  Featured musicians; Skip Healy, Ellen Cohn, Mark Demchak, Matt Bruns. Irish flute, guitar, concertina, mandolin, bodhran.

Recordings featuring Skip Healy

2015 "old and new" - featuring Sami Moor, Skip Healy, Sam Chapman, Shipwrecked Chantymen, Alan Reid, Mike Katz, Alasdair White
2007 "Clear Water Reflections" Skip Healy and Mark Bachand featured on INAFA World Confrence anthology CD also featuring R.C. Nakai, Joseph Fire Crow, Michael Grahm Allen, Xavier Quijas Yxayotl and other artists.
2004 "Songs of the Sea." Skip Healy and Marc Bernier featured on Mystic Seaport Music Festival anthology CD
2001 "Wooden Flute Obsession, Vol. 1" by Various Artists - International Traditional Music Society, Inc.
2001 "Always We Come" by Marc Bernier - produced by Skip Healy at Empty Pockets Productions.
1998 "The Vow, An Irish Wedding Celebration," featuring Aine Minogue, Skip Healy, and various artists.
1997 "Travelin' Dreamland" by The Mill City Rockers - Big Records.
1985 "There's a Light" by Lui Collins - Green Linnet Records.
1982 "The Third Album" by The Fabulous Farquahr - Warped Records.
1981 "Songs of Sea and Saloon" by the Ancient Mariners.
1976 "Music of the American Revolution" by the American Fife Ensemble (Healy, Benoit, Ciaglia) - New World Records.


2007 "Purgatory Chasm" recorded by the French Canadian group "Bardefou" on their first cd.
2002 "Return Home" recorded by Seattle Irish group "Setanta" on their first cd.
2001 "Return Home" recorded by all-Ireland champion fiddler Liz Carroll and flutist Laurence Nugent on Nugent's first solo cd; won the "Indie" award.
2000 "Return Home," Skip Healy composition which was used by Johnny Cunningham (of Silly Wizard) and Seamus Egan (the Brothers McMullen Soundtrack) on Album "Solas," achieved Gold Record status. "Return Home" was the hit single from that cd.
1985 up to present Skip Healy's many compositions (ASCAP) have been recorded on his own albums and cd's as well as being used on many recordings by other artists.