Hi Everybody!

The past few years have been a very busy time for me both personally and professionally. My wife Karin and I had a beautiful baby girl named Abbygail, I have relocated my shop to Wohlen, Switzerland, I've performed in a series of incredible events and it's all topped off with this fantastic new web site designed and built by my great friend (and flute student!) Oliver Klemm.

Lots of news in my shop as well with several new instruments including a D Irish piccolo, 2 designs of head joints for Basel Piccolos , a new "extended bore" style Irish flute, a new final scale for my Bb fife series (The Professional Model) and a totally new Conical bore Bb fife. Also on the way soon, a fully chromatic 10 hole (also a traditional model 6 hole) conical wooden whistle capable of playing a three octave range.

I also have been involved in a couple of new recording projects. My great friend Sami Moor of Basel Switzerland fame asked me to join him on his latest release "Old and New" and I have also released a new Live Concert CD called "Live in Wohlen" featuring my brother from another mother guitarist and singer Olivier le Clercq.

Wow, now that I wrote all of that out, I guess I HAVE been busy!!!

Now, as 2019 starts winding its way to closure I am already looking forward to the new "Roaring 20's" decade that lies ahead. I will be posting these news letters to keep you all up to date and also adding some new features to the site. There will be an expanded "Skips Tips", some more "Covering My Tracks", and "Express Tips" and also a new "Featured Tune" selection that you can learn if you wish.
I am always open to suggestions so if there is anything you want to hear about from me just write in and I'll get right on it!
Thanks again for all of your support over the years. Healy Flute Company has built over 2000 instruments so far and with your continued support let’s all keep it going!!

See you at the Sessions!
Skip Healy
September 4, 2019