Skip Healy's Curriculum Vitae

2010 - present Living in Wohlen, Switzerland
1976 - 2010 Spirit of America Fife and Drum Corps, Epcot Center, Walt Disney World. Instrument-maker, clinician, and performer.
2002 - 2008 Founder and Artistic Director, Wind on the Bay Flute Symposium.
1985 - 2005 Lecturer/Performer on Colonial American History, Rhode Island and Connecticut school systems
2000 - 2008 Fife-Major, Varnum Continentals Fife and Drum Regiment.
2000 - 2008 Curator, Varnum House Museum (historic residence of General James Mitchell Varnum, Continental General under George Washington).
1993 - present Owner and instrument-maker, Healy Flute Company
1980 - present Irish flute Concerts, Workshops, Masterclasses at various locations throughout the U.S.
1984 - 1992 Concurrent residency in county Tipperary, Ireland and Basel, Switzerland; toured, taught and performed extensively in Europe and the U.S.
1980 - 1983 Flutemaking apprenticeship to Chris Abell, maker of Abell wooden orchestral flutes and Irish whistles (then located in Concord, MA). Made the wooden whistle on which James Galway currently performs.
1979 - 1980 Connecticut Blues Fife and Drum Corps. Undefeated season in all categories.
1976 - present Ancient Mariners Fife and Drum Corps.
1976 - 1977 Sons of Liberty Fife and Drum Corps, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World.
1966 - 2000 Charter Member, Kentish Guards Fife and Drum Corps (3rd oldest continuously active chartered militia in the U.S.; October 29, 1774 - present).


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Throughout his decades long career hundreds of photographs have been taken of Skip Healy. You can find the few that are fit for public viewing on these pages ;-). These include both "in concert" and posed shots of Skip in addition to the cover artwork for his recordings. Images are presented in web-friendly formats as well as high-resolution images ready for print publication. Click on the links directly below for the images!

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