Label: Empty Pockets Productions
Year: 2003

"A good source for beginners, advanced and experienced fluteplayers to expand the repertoire. Skip is playing each tune three times, with mor and more complexity. This CD is the perfect basis to develop the musicans ear for ornamentation  and variation." -- Brad Hurley, Guide To The Irish Flute

"Have Ye This One?" is containing 30 Tunes played at most of the irish sessions. I learned a lot of this tunes from my old friendPhil Moloughney. Each tune (except the two walzes) is played three times: First time slowly without ornamentations, than a little faster with traditional ornamentation and the third time with "Session-Speed" and extended variations.
This CD is a perfect basis for beginners, advanced and experienced fluteplayers. "Have Ye This One?" has somethin for everyone. for Details ask Skip by Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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Track No Title
1 March : Rakes of Mallow   
2 March : The Rose Tree (or The Cork City March)   
3 March : Centennial March
4 March : Easter Sunday
5 March : Brian Boru
6 Jig : The Kesh Jig
7 Jig : My Darling Asleep   
8 Jig : Haste To The Wedding
9 Jig : Cliffs of Moher
10 Jig : Seven Stars (or Seven Stars and the Mermaid)
11 Jig : Saddle The Pony
12  Jig : Munster Buttermilk
13  Jig : Dingle Regatta
14  Jig : The Return Home
15  Hornpipe : The Rights of Man
16  Hornpipe : The Boys of Bluehill
17  Hornpipe : Plains of Boyle    
18  Hornpipe : The Flowing Tide
19  Hornpipe : Delahunty's
20  Hornpipe : If There Were No Women In The World
21  Reel : Glen Allen
22  Reel : The Boyne Hunt
23  Reel : The Mountain Road
24  Reel : The Old Copperplate    
25  Reel : The Maid Behind The Bar  
26  Reel : The Ships Are Sailing
27  Reel : The Maid Behind The Bar
28  Reel : Sally Gardens
29  Reel : The High Reel (or Sandy Duffs)
30  Waltz : Hector The Hero
31 Waltz : Mrs. Kenny’s Barndance