Healy Wooden Flute & Fife Center

All Healy Flute Company instruments are designed, hand-crafted, tested and approved by Skip Healy. The wooden flutes are ideal for playing traditional Irish music, early classical music and numerous other folk traditions. The fife series was built for the playing of New England style fife and drum music but can also be used in other musical traditions as well.


Keyed Flutes

All Healy flutes can have keyes added at any time in a variety of standard or customized configurations. All keywork is hand-made in sterling silver, then finished and mounted to your flute. Gold keywork available upon request.

    Post-Mounted Keyed Wooden Flutes
    Open-C Keyed Flutes
    Hand-Chased Keywork

Keyless Flutes

These two and three-piece flutes come in African Blackwood (other wood types available) with a sterling silver tuning slide and footjoint tenon (3-peice flutes only). The headjoint is unlined and features the classic Healy embouchure cutaway design. The large bore and tone hole placements give the player both a powerful sound and accurate intonation.

    Keyless Wooden Flute (6-hole)
    Open-C Keyless Wooden Flute (7-hole)
    Keyless Chromatic Flute (10-hole)

Fifes & Piccolos

Healy fifes & piccolos are a radical departure from the accepted style of fife design. Healy fifes & piccolos feature a parabolic bore in head joint which (at the body) opens up to a cylindrical bore to the foot. This design allows the compression to be created in the head joint with the airflow then traveling smoothly down a cylindrical body. This design creates a full sound through the complete playing range of the instrument which gives the fifes a very powerful sound from the lowest to the highest notes. This added volume also helps when several fifes are used to play arranged harmonies allowing all the voices to heard equally.

    Six-Hole Fifes
    Ten-Hole Fifes
    Six-Hole Piccolos
    Ten-Hole Piccolos

    Specialty wood Fife & Piccolo Components

Available Woods (Ask for price quotes & availability)
-- African Blackwood (standard for flute & fife)
-- Cooktown Ironwood (flute)
-- Olivewood (fife only)
-- Amistad Purple Heart (Freedom Fife only)
-- Ebony (flute & fife)
-- Pink Ivory (fifes only)

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