To start, a few words
Since 2010 I have been living and working in Wohlen, Switzerland.
In 2015 I relocated my shop to Wohlen, and since then have been upgrading both my machinery and my line of instruments. A wise man once told me "If you are standing in place the world is passing you by" and with that in mind I always try to keep moving forward.

My new Website "" is also one of these upgrades. This new website is a combination of my two older websites "" & "". The new site is bilingual and informes you about my activities, new instruments, lessons, events and a lot more. There are also many videos and photo galleries of my past performances with a series of truly world class musicans. I hope you enjoy visiting these new features.

About lessons and instruments
My fife and flute lessons are taught in both group or private sessions either in my shop or other locations. My instruments are built by me at the Healy Flute Company here in Wohlen, Switzerland. You can find all the details in the "Instruments" or "Teaching and Tips" sections on this website. Please contact me if you have any questions about prices, possibilities and conditions.

Past, Present and Future
I hope you enjoy visiting and browsing through this new website. We have tried to include information from my previous sites, information about what is presently happening and visit us again to see what the future brings! long - I hope to see you soon!

Olivier Leclercq, Skip Healy and Stuart Samson live in Concert
Picture: Benno Hunziker, Basel