Label: Sami Moor Productions
Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Roman Huber at Minus4
Year: 2015
Price: US$ 30.00 (includes shipping & handling to Europe)

Guest Musicans:
Sami Moor - Guitars, Mandoline, Bouzouki, Bass Banjo, Vocals
Skip Healy – D Flute, Fife
Sam Chapman - Concertina / Alan Reid - Guest Vocal
Mile Katz - Low Whistle / Alasdair White - Fiddle
The Shipwrecked Chantymen - Vocals

The biggest part of this CD was written during the last 12 months befor the release. Thats "new". But there are also songs based on recordings with an age of more than seven years. Thats "old". Many of the songs are traditional and have their roots bach to the 18th century. Thats "ols". Five of the songs are my own compositions. Thats "new". This are songs like „Execution“, a duett with Alan Reid, founding member of the Battlefield Band thogether with two other friends form the band, Mike Katz und Alasdair White. There is also a song about fishing  „in from Sea“, about that song Skip Healy is telling " I also come frome a fishing familyin Rhode Island, I grow up with fisherman, I was on sea as a fisherman myself, and my whole life I worked with fishermans. And this man from Basel, who never has cought a fish in his lifetime, who lives hunderts of miles away from sea, was writing one of the best songs about this thene I ever heard. A big compliment from a great musican and good friend. Shkip Healy was it, who played the flute for the recording from this song.  And becous he was yet in the studio, he played spontaneaus the flute parts from most of the songs. This nearly makes the CD a collective project from Skip & Sam.

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Price: $30.00 (includes shipping & handling to Europe)

Track No Title Sample
1 The Gals of Dublin Town
2 Whiskey in the Jar  
3 Seabreeze  
4 The Black Velvet Band
5 One More Day  
6 A Red, Red Rose  
7 In From Sea
8 Raglan Road  
9 Why can't I have Both?  
10 Execution  
11 The Foggy Dew  
12  Irish Heartbeat
13 Not a Seasong