...The tunes come alive!

With his way of teaching, Skip manages to get every player - beginner or advanced - to where his skills are. The teaching of the technique and the interpretation of the music are important elements too, but next to Skip is the joy of playing. Skip succeeds in passing on his own fascination with music. Skip also likes to tell his stories, which he associates with the individual tunes. For the students, the tunes come “alive” and not just as notes on the paper. This is very helpful when memorizing the tunes by heart!

Susanne Birchmeier, Bad Zurzach / October 2015 (Workshop Music Weeks Arosa 2015)


 ...Ingenious mix of basic standards of Irish Folk Music

Skip Healy's lessons are an ingenious mix of basic standards of Irish Folk Music as well as the music theory, instrument making and historical backgrounds of tunes and airs. He gives valuable tips and suggestions for beginners and advanced players on this instrument - whether tin whistle or Irish Flute, it is ultimately the same - Skip masters both brilliantly. His instructions and specifications alternate with concentrated practice on the instrument. To round off and as a reward (if necessary as a motivation in between) at the end of the lesson Skip played a set as party pieces, so that I can now quite imagine, to play myself in sessions in near future ;-)

Christiane von May, Muri / September 2015 (Workshop Music Weeks Arosa 2014)


My expectations were more than fulfilled!

When I discovered "Irish Flute" in this year's course offer, I was really happy! When does one have the opportunity to attend such a course in Switzerland? My expectations were more than fulfilled! Skip Healy is not only a master on his instrument, he also knows how to pass on his knowledge. Our whole "mini-group" could benefit a lot this week. The social part was not too short. I highly recommend the course and hope to be able to attend again in a year. The course was very sustainable, because I now take private lessons at Skip! At this point also a big “thank you” to the impeccable course organization and the excellent accommodation in the hotel "High Promenade"!

Jeannette Mäder, Oberentfelden / August 2014 (Workshop Music Weeks Arosa 2014)


You are making these small dots of ink become a “living, breathing thing”...

I have played Basler Piccolo for over forty years, and my decision to play an Irish flute was made one time at a Mariners Concert in 1982, when I heard a young man, named "Skip", playing irish tunes in the Roman theater in Augusta Raurica. A lot of time has passed, I stayed true to the Basler Piccolo, and a few years ago a Fife from Skip's workshop (which I received from a friend) was added, but I did not realize the dream of the wood flute for reasons of time - until summer 2011.
Skip played again in Switzerland, at the Mariners Concert in Basel. Decisions often take a long time to mature – but what’s a "long time" in Irish time scaling compared with the period of time up till autumn 2011! I now own a keyed D-Flute from Skip. Now, through his private flute lessons, I have become acquainted with a kind of understanding of music, which is second to none. The experiences I made with the Basler Piccolo are very similar to the playing on the Irish flute, especially the fingering. But for the instrument response and interpretation possibilities, completely new worlds open up. Worlds that have to be worked out - but with his experience, coupled with patience and enjoyment of playing Skip brings it on the point: "You are making small dots of ink become a living, breathing thing, in a way of speaking. Just as you need places to breathe for playing, the tune needs places to breathe to have a good shape and sound." (Skip, December 2011)
Remembering this, I am still working on my "sound", always finding new and amazing possibilities. The opportunity to break away from the "small dots of ink" and learning the new tunes without notes by ear, expands the possibilities of interpretation enormously. I wish Skip a good start in Switzerland – at least for being able to benefit from his lessons for many more hours - I recommend his lessons to anyone who wants to gain new experiences in Fife and Irish Flute music!

Oliver Klemm, Allschwil, Switzerland, 2012