Friday, 6th of March 2015 Celtic Night with Skip Healy and Friends
in Chappelehof, Wohlen, Switzerland

Skip Healy and "Special Guests" fron international irish music scene are presentig a celtic evening.

Nico - Skip - Olivier

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kapellstrasse 4, 5610 wohlen
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e-mail: kultur(at)chappelehof.ch

Skip played together with his french  BFAM (brother from another mother) Olivier Leclercq (guitar, vocals), the dynamic fiddle player Nico Hueber and the american stardrummer Peter Mason. An unforgettable evening with HIGH SPEED and HIGH ENERGY celtic musik!

The four musicans developped a sample of celtic tunes, leading from irish jigs, passing scotish hornpipes and scandinavian music to bretonic tunes. The atmosphere was rising from set to set. The perfomance from american drummer Peter Mason was one of the highligts of this evenig.

In further sets Skip, Nico und Olivier also presented their qualities in other musical regions. Oliviers interpretation of the well known tunes "Rights of Man", "Whisky in the Jar" and the "bolero-like" interpretation from song "Carrigfergus" were uniqe.

What when an american drummer meets an american fifeplayer? Skip ant Peter Mason celebrated a part together, showing their knowledge and their perfection on their instruments - great to see such musicans together in a concert!

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