Healy Flute Company Instrument Return, Refund, & Warranty Policies

I always make it a practice of mine to try to speak personally with clients before their purchase of a Healy Flute Company instrument. While this may not always be the case, there usually is an e mail or two at the very least.  This is to try to eliminate the chance that a client would order an instrument that doesn't correctly fit their needs. Here are my written Policies concerning Refunds, Returns, and Warranties.


1)  You qualify for a refund ONLY IF there are material defects in the instrument that occour during the first 30 days of ownership.

You DO NOT qualify for a refund if;

1)  You just don't want to practice.  Here is what I tell prospective clients; "You NEED TO be willing to invest AT LEAST 1 hour of serious practicing with your new instrument for EVERY dollar you spend on it. Just because you now own a great instrument it doesn't mean you will sound like whomsoever your favorite musician is."

The truth is, they practiced more than you, that's why they sound better than you. A great player can pick up a garbage instrument and sound great, a poor player will still sound like themselves on a great instrument. The better instrument WILL make it easier to play your music better and WILL give you the needed help in improving more rapidly. Besides which, you will be the coolest dog at your local session with a spiffy new instrument...

2)  Even after repeated explanations of your choice of instrument (pros and cons), a visit and demonstration at my shop, you buy it, take it home for three months and decide "the flute is out of tune".  

All professions have their own little sayings. With instrument builders it's "Tune the PLAYER".  Not taking the considered advise of your instrument maker is not grounds for a refund. See the clause above...

3)  CUSTOMIZED INSTRUMENTS DO NOT QUALIFY FOR REFUNDS AT ANY TIME.  If there are customizations done to your instrument, that means it has been specially constructed for you, not the general public.  This is always explained very carefully to my clients BEFORE they order an instrument. I will live up to my part which is to build as best an instrument as I can build you, the rest is up to you.


Healy instruments come with a one year guarantee for the instrument and key work from the date of purchase. This guarantee only covers mechanical failures. It does not apply to damage and deficiencies arising from accidents or mistreatment. Believe me, your maker can tell what has happened to their instrument so don't even think of trying to fool them! If you dropped your flutefifeapicc and it cracks, I can tell.

The Healy Flute Company strives for the highest level of customer satisfaction and is willing to work with our customers on all of their concerns. If you have a question about our guarantee, products, or services, then please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..