Keyless Wooden Flutes

About 4 weeks for standard-model keyless flutes. Customized instruments will require additional time depending on the level of customization. Payment due in full when your order is placed. We now accept PayPal, personal checks, money orders and direct deposit where available

Email Skip Healy with questions

    Keyless Wooden Flute (6-Hole)
    Open-C Keyless Wooden Flute (7-Hole)
    Keyless Chromatic Flute (10-Hole)

The Healy Flute Company can handle almost any level of customization ranging making instruments using different wood types to radically tailored key configurations and tone hole placement to accomodate small-handed players. We also specialize in creating custom keywork to accomodate the Boehm flute players who want to expand into playing wooden flute. Custom instruments usually (but not always) require special pricing and delivery time considerations. For that reason, we prefer to talk to you before you place a custom order so we can provide accurate pricing and delivery estimates.